Three years ago my family and I encountered a huge stressor. Up until then I had been eating somewhat healthy, worked out regularly, and was a healthy weight. After the stressor, I ate to make my brain happy. I stopped eating the way I had been and I started eating a lot of processed foods. I also started eating candy almost every night. In 3 years I gained 20 plus pounds. Not only did I gain this extra weight, I was very uncomfortable with it, and I became unhealthy. Following a second stressor last summer, I ended up in hospital for 5 days.
After my hospital stay, I became determined to lose the extra weight and regain my physical and mental health, and in May I finally decided I was ready to take the next step through Janice.
With her guidance, knowledge, and support, I have learned so much about how and what to eat to nourish my body, and how that leads to nourishing my brain.
I used to have brain fog until approximately 11 AM every morning. After cutting sugar from my diet, my brain fog disappeared within 2 weeks. In five months, I lost all of the weight I had gained in 3 years. I am well on my way to accomplishing my goals.
Thank you so much Janice!
— Sheri C, Nova Scotia
Janice is truly a gifted healer. I first went to her not knowing what to expect. Having been to numerous nutrition experts and diet clinics, I felt wary about still another strict diet plan, yet she came so highly recommended that I decided to give her a try.
Janice is different from all of the other nutritional consultants I’ve been to. She focused not just on a meal plan, but on the underlying issues and beliefs that had been sabotaging my weight and my health. She is a really good listener, and she connects with people in an authentic and meaningful way. She is full of love and genuine empathy.
There were a few times, at the beginning of one of our appointments, or in the middle of the week where Janice would say to me, “You know, I was thinking about what you said last week, and I wonder if you might look at it this way….or try this…. or here is some information I found about this topic.” She really does care, and she can relate to the issues behind many of these health issues because she’s had to overcome them herself.
Janice has inspired me to make better intentional decisions about everything in my life, from what I choose to eat, to what I choose to think about myself, and ultimately to the kind of person I choose to be and the kind of life I want to have for myself.
Like I said, so much more than a nutritional consultant. She has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made.
— Hilary Livingston, Doha, Qatar
Over the last 10 years’ career, education and family were my priority. Although all very important, there was one thing missing and that was taking care of my physical self. After having a medical scare, I decided to meet with Janice to discuss diet related options. It was during this time I realized her advice and recommendations were similar to how I used to live and eat, and wondered how this lifestyle got lost. I realized as we move through life our priorities change based on environment and experience but one thing that does not change is the need for our health.
Janice helped me to reconnect with my past and recommended that I gradually change my diet ( something that was achievable based on my current life style). Each week I introduced something new and as each week passed it got easier to implement these changes. I feel great! In addition to seeing changes in myself, I witnessed firsthand the power of influence with my daughters. In the beginning when I made my breakfast smoothie I would ask them to taste and they were not interested. As the weeks passed and they watched me prepare the smoothie each day they became increasingly curious. Then one morning asked if they could taste it. I am happy to say I now make 3 breakfast smoothies. Thank you Janice for helping me to reconnect with the benefits of healthy eating, not only for myself but also for my daughters.
— S.S. Doha, Qatar

The advice and tips you gave me were invaluable in helping me to recover from the effects of cancer treatment. Thank you so much! I have honestly never felt better.
— Heather Woodworth, Nova Scotia, Canada
I feel healthier. I feel stronger. I move faster. I don’t feel sick like I did before…with stomach pain, ulcers, sinus infections, headaches, and GERD. I don’t go to the doctor as often.
I don’t take as many medications. I know that my risk of cancer goes down as I become healthier. My food taste better! I feel that I can think better and remember things a bit better...less brain fog. My outlook on life is different, better! It has changed because my lifestyle has changed, and there are things I don’t want to do anymore.
— JB, Doha Qatar
I consulted Janice after I was diagnosed with arthritis and was prescribed prednisone. Before the arthritic symptoms arose, I genuinely thought that I was leading a very healthy lifestyle, and for the most part, I was. I read numerous health books and followed various diets, all of which helped me lose weight. Unfortunately, I did not educate myself on the foods that contributed to inflammation, nor did I make it a habit to avoid the foods that were laced with pesticides and other harmful chemicals and hormones. Based on the negative side effects I was encountering from my medication, and the research I did, I knew there had to be a better way. Thankfully Janice educated me on the foods that are better at fighting arthritis/inflammation and those to avoid. Her knowledge, guidance and nutritional diet tailored specifically for me, was the key. The results were amazing! My inflammation has not only disappeared but now I receive immediate messages from my body to inform me when a food is not right for me. Thanks to Janice my body is back in alignment.
— Sabrina Young, Doha, Qatar
Thank you Janice for helping me achieve a level of health I never believed was within my reach. And thank you for your ongoing support and guidance.
— V. Ellis, Nova Scotia, Canada
I wanted to tell you that I’m feeling a lot better. My stomach feels really good these days! I’m adjusting to the food combining and eating fewer carbs is making a difference. This is very good and it’s also helped with the extra fat around my middle! And I’m doing yoga! Thank you!
— D. B. Nova Scotia, Canada
Janice is a knowledgeable practitioner. She does not judge lifestyle choices. She provides alternatives with multiple choices. At no time during the session or follow-up emails did I feel that she was pushing lifestyles choices or interjecting her opinion on me. Her suggestions were easy and inexpensive to incorporate. She provided clear explanations backed up with scientific and alternative healing evidence that the client could understand. Janice projects herself with a quiet, unassuming confidence and she believes in her product. Buy-in is a given with that.
— J. D. Doha, Qatar
I consulted Janice because I have PMR (polymyalgia rheumatica). This makes the body very stiff and makes it hard to move, especially in the morning or after sitting for a while. Doing anything is hard like, dressing, bathing, walking, and working. Exercising is very limited and I love to be active, but this was making it very difficult. I was tired all the time and very depressed because I couldn’t do the things I love to do. I have to take prednasone every day and wanted to get off it because it has so many side effects. I wanted to get rid of the inflammation.

What made me the happiest about my consultation with Janice was learning how clean eating can make me feel. I also, appreciated Janice listening to me and my concerns.

My weight loss and the way I look and feel have exceeded my expectations! I want to keep trying new things and recipes for treats. My stiffness is getting better but I am still on a small dose of prednisone. I do feel really good most of the time but if I do have some sugar or have a bad day, I certainly feel different the next day. I am enjoying the food it tastes so good. My mood has improved also. I do believe my food choices has made a big impact on my life right now, for the better.

I’m going to keep going with this plan because I like feeling good and having a clearer mind.
I also love the food!
— V.M., Nova Scotia, Canada
My Testament to What Works – Her name is Janice Amirault

After many stops and starts, something finally clicked in my body and mind to really commit to Janice’s program. Following her nutrition plan and exercise recommendations I am happy to report I have never felt better! Although I have dropped 11 lbs (with another 9 to go), the weight loss has been secondary to the overall feeling of good health.

Throughout this journey Janice has been a consummate professional, never wavering in her calm, consistent and kind encouragement. Each Skype session leaves me with new tools, renewed enthusiasm and the confidence to continue the journey with Janice to completely grasp these concepts and fully adopt this lifestyle. Success feels so good!

I owe a debt of gratitude to Janice for profoundly impacting my life. Imagine landing in your late fifties and feeling 30 again? Thank you Janice.

If you’ve been struggling with poor health and weight issues and you haven’t reached out to Janice, connect with her now. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself and with Janice’s help you can fast track that today.
— Maggie, Alberta, Canada
It’s only been two weeks and I’m already noticing that I have more energy! Looking forward to the next two weeks!
— J. T. British Columbia, Canada
Thanks so much for all of your input Janice, I really appreciate it! I think that my kids will benefit from these recipes as well...and I can get them involved in meal preparation.
— E. R. Doha, Qatar

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