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why work with me?

I changed my relationship with food I lost 18kg, and you can do it too! In just two weeks you will feel the difference! Your body is designed to function at an optimal level, all it needs is the right fuel.  I'm living proof that It's possible to turn your health around and you can do it too!  My passion for lifestyle coaching stems from my personal journey; a road from debilitating illness to vibrant health, via a path of holistic living.  Start today and witness your personal transformation! 

I will help you:

  • Establish and prioritise your health goals.

  • Identify the reason(s) why other diet/health plans might have failed.

  • Establish and plan the right course of action for your individual needs.

  • Develop new techniques to break old habits.


  • An assessment of all body systems to identify the root cause of your complaints.

  • A step by step approach to address all health concerns.

  • A personalized wellness plan to achieve optimal health.

  • A tool kit with what you'll need to succeed (recipes, cooking tips, meal planning, exercise regimen, etc).

  • Full support in between appointments (email, phone calls, texting) to help you reach your goals.


  • A one-size fits all diet/health plan. (You are unique and your wellness plan will be too.)

  • A quick fix approach. (I want to help you develop new habits so that you'll be a able to maintain the goals you've worked so hard to achieve!)

  • A bag full of supplements. (Initially, I might suggest a few key nutrients to support your imbalances and goals, but as your body resets itself, your supplement requirements, for the most part, should be minimal.)

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12-week weight loss Program

Monitoring weight loss leads to success so let's track it together.  At your initial consultation we will establish your health goals and create your personalised program.  Weekly sessions are designed discuss your progress or challenges, and take home some inspiration.  One-on-one support throughout the program allows you to check in with your questions or concerns in between visits.  Sessions can be done in person or via Skype/FaceTime.

12 -1 hr sessions - $350 CAD/month


Kitchen make-over

Healthy eating starts with a kitchen make-over!  As we go through your pantry and fridge, I'll make suggestions that will help improve your health.  Your family will benefit too!

Allow 2 hrs  - $210 CAD

Let's go shopping

I love grocery shopping!  Really, I do!  I'll meet you at the supermarket with the list I designed especially for you, and assist you in sourcing out the healthiest food options available.  

Allow 2 hrs  - $210 CAD

Health talk

Is health often part of the conversation with you and your friends?  Are you interested in learning about super foods, what to eat for increased energy, or how to prepare healthier meals? Why not get the girls together and learn more.  You choose the topic and I'll provide the content.

Allow 2 hrs  - $210 CAD


Book your discovery call today

Do you have questions about how I can help you reach your health goals?  Then let's have a chat.  Contact me today for your complimentary (no obligation) discovery call.

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