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 Visiting practitioner - June 2018 - Present

Alongside my private practice, I'm pleased to announce that I've teamed up with Zenith Physio Pilates in Mahone Bay and Harmony Health Centre in Bridgewater, NS.  I'm looking forward to providing wellness consultations in both locations on a part-time basis. 







Local practitioner - six senses spa - sharq village & spa - Qatar - July/august 2107 

Alongside my regular office hours, I had the opportunity to offer nutritional consultations at Six Senses Spa.  

Let's talk sugar

Let's talk sugar - May 23, & June 20, 2017 - Yarmouth, nova scotia

I was overwhelmed with the turnout at both of my "Sugar" talks!  It was great to share stories and ideas, and learn from each other!  My goal was to inspire change, either little steps or big leaps, as this is how we begin to form new healthy habits.  One of the participants left a comment on the feedback form that really touched me..."What first seemed impossible, now seems possible."

Let's talk weight loss - June 6, 2017 - Yarmouth, nova scotia

A presentation that outlined the negative effects that additional weight has on the body.  The group was engaged as we discussed how making better choices can help bring the body back into harmonious balance.


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Let's talk health - March 31, 2017 - Doha, qatar

I invited the participants to pick the topic for this talk and the consensus was "How can I overcome sugar addiction?"  What an engaged group!  We shared experiences and challenges of avoiding sugar and devised strategies to help stay on track.

meal plan & recipes - July 2016

I love designing meal plans and recipes and this was one of my favourite projects!  Ayurvedic philosophies suggest that we have a dominant dosha (either vata, pitta and kappa) and that eating according to our dosha will help balance all three.  The belief that food has energetic effects on the mind and body; either aggravating or pacifying particular doshas is a consideration.  Also, the combination of certain foods is believed to be another way of maintaining balance for each body type.

Click here for a sample of Pitta Dosha recipes