Breaking the vicious dieting cycle


the Vicious cycle - a.k.a. yo-yo dieting

Losing weight is difficult, there’s no question about it, believe me, I know!  I was once 18kg heavier than I am today! Keeping weight off can be even more challenging because most people change their eating habits until they reach their goal and then go back to what they were eating before they lost weight.  Naturally, the weight creeps back on, and they find themselves back to square one, often with even more weight to lose.  So, how do you break this vicious cycle?  I believe that the answer is to eat real food!

Right now you’re probably saying but I eat real food.  In fact, I eat really well, and I don’t eat junk food.  Well, let me explain what I mean. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables, and quality animal proteins are real foods, as are raw nuts, seeds and legumes.  Anything that is boxed or packaged and has a list of additives on the label that you can't pronounce, is not real food.  Sugars (highly addictive), processed flours, hydrogenated fats, chemicals and preservatives, which are the main ingredients in baked goods, sweets, crackers and other packaged goods, do not fall into the category of fresh, natural or real.  Do you see the difference?  These "foods" make up a large portion of the Standard American Diet.  Note the acronym...yes, SAD! 

Before the industrial revolution, people ate natural food almost 100% of the time. Sadly, that's not the case anymore.  

In today's world of hectic lifestyles and poor food selection, we have to be realistic.  That is why I ask my clients to aim for eating fresh, whole food, in it's natural state, at least 90% of the time, and make other 10% of their diet the “junk” food.  

So, fill your plate with real food and experience how delicious it tastes without being loaded with sugar, unhealthy fats, processed seasonings, chemical flavour enhancers, and other toxic chemicals.  

Your body is a miraculous machine and is designed to perform optimally.  By eating real food, your body will find its natural weight, and you will finally break free of the vicious dieting cycle.

This is Janice, Inspiring Change