Support for fighting cancer

When most people hear the word cancer, they typically think of radiation and chemotherapy, but the one thing that many people rarely link to cancer is diet. There have been numerous studies that have found a possible link between cancer-causing foods and an increased risk of the disease. Studies have also found that certain foods—namely fruits, vegetables, and certain herbs—may be anti-cancer foods.

No matter if you’re looking to learn more about the link between sugar and cancer or you’re researching a diet for cancer patients to boost your health and immune system, the Beat Cancer online store has just what you need. You will find a variety of hard copy books and eBooks that provide a wealth of knowledge about foods that fight cancer, along with foods that cause it.

Beat Cancer also offers CDs and DVDs for customers who prefer to listen than read.

Continuing the mission of BeatCancer.Org depends on donations and the sales of educational materials. When you purchase from this link, 86 cents of every dollar of profit goes directly to BeatCancer.Org's life saving programs.

For a selection of cancer support books visit the Beat Cancer online store here.

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