I believe that food is medicine and in changing our daily habits, we can change our future.

It’s rare to find a person today whose life has not been touched by cancer in some way. Both my parents died of cancer (much too young) and the immense loss inspired me to look at my own health. It quickly became clear to me that lifestyle choices play a huge role in the development of illness and disease and also in fighting these ailments.

Overall, cancer risk factors are similar worldwide, with diet, overweight and obesity, smoking, insufficient physical activity, alcohol, and infections accounting for a high proportion of cancers.

I agree with what research has proven: that 90% of all cancers can be eliminated through environmental & lifestyle choices alone.

As a Nutritional Consultant and Holistic Cancer Coach, I support clients by providing research-based education on how to reduce the risk of cancer. I help clients cope with a diagnosis and provide information on how to fight cancer through diet, lifestyle and other immune-boosting approaches.

The focus of a Holistic Cancer Coach is to focus on the needs of the individual as a whole, not only the cancer.
— Janice Amirault
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“The advice and tips you gave me were invaluable in helping me to recover from the effects of cancer treatment. Thank you so much! I have honestly never felt better.”.png
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"change your relationship with old habits and witness your personal transformation." 

- Janice Amirault

Janice’s interest in wellness and healthy food preparation stems from her own personal health journey: one that took her from debilitating illness to vibrant health.  Frustrated with not being able to find answers via allopathic methods, she decided to investigate how alternative practices could possibly help.  Along that path she became living proof that when the body receives nutrients it requires, healing is (most always) possible.  It was then that she discovered her true vocation and embarked on a new and exciting career of helping others achieve wellness.

Janice is a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, with the designation of Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant.  She also holds the title Holistic Cancer Coach. Her assessments are based on nutritional symptomatoloy, which forms a valuable tool for assessment of nutritional deficiency and disease prevention.

Once Janice has identified the root cause of the complaint/symptom, she designs a personalized wellness plan to address the unique circumstances of each individual.

Janice spends her time between Doha, Qatar and Nova Scotia, Canada and maintains an international clientele.  She also offers public and private health talks on cancer prevention, sugar addiction, weight loss and clean eating.  She writes a monthly health article for the South Shore Breaker (a Nova Scotia based paper) and has been invited to speak at women’s health retreats in Canada and Qatar.

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