Forget everything you've learned about dieting! Calorie restriction isn't the answer. Weighing and measuring every spec of food you put in your mouth isn't the answer, and feeling deprived each day is certainly not the solution. Consider a new approach to weight loss. One that focuses on you, not food. One that focuses on your wellbeing...mind, body, and spirit. There you will find the answer. Consider how your life could be one year from now if you started today. If you are ready to get started, contact me for a free consultation.

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I'm so excited about my 12-week weight loss program! Development of this program came together as a result of my own personal struggles with excess weight and over eating, and what I learned along my journey. Permanent weight loss is NOT achieved by following a fad diet until you reach your goal weight. Permanent weight loss IS achieved by first, understanding the real reason(s) why you are struggling with excess weight, and second, working together to overcome those challenges.

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My role as a nutritional consultant is to inspire healthy change in my clients, and with my knowledge and resources, I offer guidance and support.  Change doesn’t happen over night but given the right tools, my clients can gradually form new habits and start living healthier lives.  It is ever so rewarding to follow a client as they transition into the healthy and vibrant person they are meant to be.  By the time one of my Waist Watchers Weekly clients was approaching the end of the program, she had accomplished so much. I am so proud of her!  I told her that if her food journal were color coded, it would look like a rainbow…that’s how fresh she has been eating!   I asked her if she would jot down her thoughts on her weight loss journey, and although she wishes to remain anonymous, she agreed to share a little with us. Read her story here.

I’m here to help you reach your health goals.  
— Janice


Starting any diet and exercise plan takes focus, determination and planning, and research has shown that keeping a daily log plays a huge role in our success. To support your efforts, email me and ask for your FREE Food & Fitness Tracker.

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