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I’m a registered Holistic Nutritional consultant.

I help women discover the underlying cause of their health challenges and design personalized wellness solutions so that they can become the vibrant woman they were meant to be.

"why just survive, when you can thrive?"

- Janice Amirault

I support you on your journey to reaching your health goals and PROVIDE YOU WITH THE TOOL kit YOU NEED TO SUCCEED!

I believe that food is medicine.  

in changing our daily habits, we can change our future.

Originally from Yarmouth, and most recently from Doha, Qatar, Janice moved to Bridgewater, NS in the fall of 2017.  Her interest in wellness and healthy food preparation stems from her own personal health journey: one that took her from debilitating illness to vibrant health.  Frustrated with not being able to find answers via allopathic methods, she decided to investigate how alternative practices could possibly help.  Along that path she became living proof that when the body receives nutrients it requires, healing is (most always) possible.  It was then that she discovered her true vocation and embarked on a new and exciting career of helping others achieve wellness.

Janice is a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, with the designation of Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant.  Her assessments are based on nutritional symptomatoloy, which deals with the study of symptoms as they relate to nutrition.  It forms a valuable tool for assessment of nutritional deficiency and for disease prevention.

Today’s health ailments are common, but they certainly are not normal.  Given the correct fuel, the body is designed to function at an optimal level.  Once Janice has identified the root cause of the complaint/symptom, she designs a personalized wellness plan to address the unique circumstances of the individual.

Janice began her wellness practice while living in Qatar, and with the help of the Internet, maintains an international clientele.  Her practice is now based on Nova Scotia's South Shore, and she travels monthly to see clients in Yarmouth.  She also offers public and private health talks on sugar addiction, weight loss and clean eating, to name a few.  She writes a monthly health article for the South Shore Breaker and was recently a guest speaker at the Mind, Body, and Spirit Wellness Weekend at Atlantica Oak Island Resort.


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"change your relationship with old habits and witness your personal transformation." 

- Janice Amirault



The best project you’ll ever work on is you!
— Sonny Franco